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Speaking in Tongues – Wedding Style!

I’m actually not physically posting this now because I’m at my wedding… but I’m scheduling it ahead of time because it’s very fitting considering I’m getting married today! This one is absolutely hilarious:

If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted in a while, please scroll down to see my previous post.

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Taking a Break!

Hello faithful visitors! I’ve really enjoyed all the interaction that has been happening on postvhs, and I’m looking forward to a lot more in the near future! For now, though, I’m going to take a little break. What’s happening is that I’m getting married and I want to be able to give Angela all my attention through the wedding and the honeymoon. I’ll start posting again around July 25-26. I don’t want to make any promises, but rest assured that we’ll be back before July is over! Thanks for being “faithful customers” and for making this site a success! See you soon!



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This is a pretty cool music video from Sovereign Grace Music. I think someone sent it to me, but I can’t remember who did it, so feel free to take credit for it if it was you! And thanks!

By the way, today was my birthday, and it was a great one!

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Why do people think they’re being healed?

Why are some people convinced that they’ve been healed by things like the Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey? Todd Friel talks with an Ex-Faith Healer about this topic. I think it’s very important to listen to in order to understand what the problem is with fake “healings”. I’m not saying that God can’t heal people, and I believe He does, but what are the proper means for a Christian to pursue healing? And are these “Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey” guys legitimately pursuing healing in a Biblical manner?

How can you get out of this? Read the Scriptures.

Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey

Oh, dear. Just when you thought that charismatic theology couldn’t get any worse, you get the “Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey”. If this is where your pentacostalism is leading you, perhaps you should reconsider whether you even want to continue calling yourself a Christian.

The worst part is the testimonies at the end, where people actually think that they’ve been healed. Really? The Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey is going to heal you? Does that give glory to Christ? Does that proclaim the one true gospel? Does putting body parts “in” and “out” say something about how glorious God is?

The Future of Christianity, Post-VHS

Hi faithful visitors! I know this isn’t a video — but if you’d please take a few moments to read this, I’d really appreciate it!

Well, it’s been almost 3 months since I started Christianity, Post-VHS, and so far it has been a very interesting project. We’ve averaged around 100 page views per day and about 50 of those have been from unique visitors to the postvhs home page. As far as traffic goes, that’s quite successful for being in our third month. I think it’s been a worthwhile endeavor thus far, but I also think that it’s time for an evaluation, and I’d love to involve you — since you apparently find postvhs worth visiting!

I’m just going to throw out a few ideas and you can let me know what you think of them, or if you have any ideas of how to flesh them out.

1. Conversations. I really like the fact that this has been almost exclusively youtube/vimeo videos, and this site is very clear in its purpose. Yet, I’d like to continue to encourage discussions of important theological, social, and ecclesiastical issues through some means. I’m hoping to somehow integrate the aspect of a continuing discussion into this site.

2. Themes. I’ve been considering having daily themes (i.e. Monday is humor day, Tuesday is epic fail day, etc.) So far it’s been all random, but I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I suppose it doesn’t all have to be super organized, but I’d like to continue to provide a good variety and perhaps putting myself in more of a box could help.

3. Helpers. I’m really hoping to get more help on the finding videos side of things. Anyone have any ideas on how to motivate people to help more?

4. Forums. I’d really like to get livejc.com going. It was a project that I started a long time ago, and I just recently re-uploaded the forum software. I’m just trying to figure out what the best way the two sites can be integrated or cooperate.

5. Giveaways. Do you guys enjoy them? I had less than 20 entries in the last giveaway. I’m hoping to get more publicity out of them.

Finally, it’s important that you all realize that I am getting married to Angela the love of my life on July 10th and therefore I will be taking a break from posting. I am very proud of the fact that I haven’t missed a day of posting, yet, but that is going to change — and for good reason. She is far more important to me than this blog! Our honeymoon lasts until July 25th so don’t expect anything until then.

Please post your comments on my proposed ideas and feel free to add your own thoughts!

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Deliver Us

Here’s a pretty cool song by some band that I had never heard of before. In fact, I really don’t know how I found this video, but I figure that good music is worth sharing, so here you go!

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Congratulations, Winners!

To claim your prize, please email me your address.

Seth Pye is the winner of Finally Alive!

David Ketter is the winner of Rescuing Ambition!

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Those Darned Fundamentalist Atheists

James White mocks atheistic arguments against God.

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