Biblical, Polygamous Dating

Okay, this guy actually “evangelizes” out at my University (which I’m graduating from in June!). He’s one of the guys who holds up a sign that says, “Questions about the Bible? I’ll try to answer.” Oh, dear. We need some Christians out there who can clarify and make up for the damage he does. He’s a unitarian and so he doesn’t believe Jesus is God (he explained to me that Jesus is just the ‘phone’ we use to talk to God), he believes that polygamy is just as legitimate as monogamy (as you’ll see in this video), and he believes that the unforgivable sin is to refuse to believe anything in the Bible. I suppose that last one is the closest to the truth — if you deny your sin, you will deny your need for a Savior.  Anyway, this is probably one of the most asinine videos he’s posted. It’s about his first polygamous date with him and his wife and another woman. I think this video alone can help to show the utter foolishness of polygyny:

I mean, seriously, what kind of person do you think is going to want to be part of a polygamous relationship? Did this girl that they went on a date with even have a clue what she had gotten herself into?  Maybe she just desperately needed someone to talk to, to give her counsel.  Maybe “the heretic” (his own title for himself) didn’t really make his intentions clear.  Insanity.  What if this woman he’s talking about sees this video?


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  1. What… the…. heck??

  2. As I watched this guy randomly ramble on, I couldn’t believe he was saying this stuff, and I wanted to shout “SHUT UP!” Like, this is not the kind of thing we are looking for… So I texted myself and finally I looked at my phone realizing how much time I had wasted and I left.

  3. At first glance, he looks like Tripp Fuller from the Homebrewed Christianity podcast, so I was worried at first. Fortunately it’s a totally different person.

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