Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey

Oh, dear. Just when you thought that charismatic theology couldn’t get any worse, you get the “Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey”. If this is where your pentacostalism is leading you, perhaps you should reconsider whether you even want to continue calling yourself a Christian.

The worst part is the testimonies at the end, where people actually think that they’ve been healed. Really? The Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey is going to heal you? Does that give glory to Christ? Does that proclaim the one true gospel? Does putting body parts “in” and “out” say something about how glorious God is?


Want to become a Wiccan?

Charismatic “Christian” John Crowder can hook you up! Raptures! Ecstatic prayer! Access the glory realm for yourself! You’ll move in a deeper level of prophecy. Get into the gridwork of the spirit realm! And learn about a bunch of nuts who claimed to do a lot of kooky stuff. This is paganism. There is nothing Christian about this.

“Bible Basher”

The caption on this video says, “A Christian Bible basher outside Glasgow University.” What do you mean “Bible basher”? A guy handing out tracts is automatically a “Bible basher”?


Bentley shoots a hip into being healed

Apparently Bentley has moved past kicking old ladies into being healed, and now has decided to machine gun them into being healed. Thoughts? Anyone think God is actually working through this false prophet?

American Christians Threatened by Police for Handing Out Gospel

A couple of days ago, this group was arrested simply for being Christians at the Arab Festival:

For background information, see this post.

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Jesus statue destroyed by lightning

Is it any surprise that God apparently struck down this icon? $250,000 spent on a statue of Jesus, when we have absolutely no idea what Jesus looked like anyway? How determined is this church to waste God’s money? And they’re going to rebuild it? Even bigger? C’mon — take a message from God!

Christians Assaulted in United States

This is where “tolerance” is headed in the United States. Apparently it doesn’t apply to Christians.

If you want to hear these guys talk more on what happened, check out this video:

That was all last year. This year, they got arrested and spent last night in prison. Click here to read more about what happened yesterday.

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Todd Bentley hits an old woman

Please remind me to stay far, far away from this guy.

Tokin’ the Ghost

This one’s a classic that you might have seen before. The worst part is that I think these guys are serious. But when you think the Bible tells you to be “drunk in the Spirit” then why not “smokin’ the Spirit”, too?

Emperor Palpatine’s Charismatic Gifts

Okay, I don’t know if everyone will appreciate this one, but if not, it’s only about fifteen seconds so you can’t complain. And that’s how I can get away with posting something so completely lacking anything edifying. But it really made me laugh. Maybe it’s because of how poorly made the video is. Maybe it’s because of how absurd Mr. Hinn and his understanding of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is. Or maybe it’s just because I think everything is funny.

You want something edifying about the Holy Spirit? Check this out.