Why do people think they’re being healed?

Why are some people convinced that they’ve been healed by things like the Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey? Todd Friel talks with an Ex-Faith Healer about this topic. I think it’s very important to listen to in order to understand what the problem is with fake “healings”. I’m not saying that God can’t heal people, and I believe He does, but what are the proper means for a Christian to pursue healing? And are these “Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey” guys legitimately pursuing healing in a Biblical manner?

How can you get out of this? Read the Scriptures.


Faith “Healing” Doesn’t Always Work

Some people do very stupid things in the name of Christ.  Really, you’re sure that God wants you to dab some olive oil on your poor sick kid and say a prayer for him and yet not take him to see a doctor?  My goodness.  The gospel is that Jesus came to heal us from our spiritual sickness, to resurrect us from our deadness, to remove our spiritual blindness.  We’ll have to deal with suffering until the kingdom of God arrives in its fullness.  (2 Cor 11:22-29; Heb 11:25-28; 1 Peter 4:13; Heb 10:32; Phil 3:10; Rom 8:18).  Why would God answer our selfish prayer for a supernatural healing when He has already provided the means for a natural healing?  Is Jesus not the Lord OF Science just as He is Lord OVER Science?  Surely, working within the bounds of His creation doesn’t rob Him of the glory He would get whether that kid was healed through natural or supernatural means!  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pray, or even anoint with oil, but where does James 5:14-15 exclude doctors?  How do you know that God isn’t going to answer your prayer through a doctor?