Why do people think they’re being healed?

Why are some people convinced that they’ve been healed by things like the Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey? Todd Friel talks with an Ex-Faith Healer about this topic. I think it’s very important to listen to in order to understand what the problem is with fake “healings”. I’m not saying that God can’t heal people, and I believe He does, but what are the proper means for a Christian to pursue healing? And are these “Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey” guys legitimately pursuing healing in a Biblical manner?

How can you get out of this? Read the Scriptures.


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  1. Yes! This is an excellent follow-up to my probings in the last post. Thanks!
    I agree with this, given what I know thus far. The question I don’t yet have an answer for is this: If you eliminate hypnosis and the like, and the placebo effect, where are you with regard to indisputably Biblical spiritual healing? Is that confirmable? If not, is it not to be questioned?
    I’m being somewhat antagonistic, but for a reason. I have been having to deal with exactly these same questions, being involved in a Pentecostal Church where I am not at all comfortable with the charismatic practices. However, I find that I can’t honestly criticize those practices without taking a hard look at what distinguishes them from what I have been taught, and what the basis of my own belief is; and that has been extremely uncomfortable.
    I’ll be glad to either shut up or take it easy if I’m going overboard.

  2. No, that’s a good question. I’m not anti-healing or anti-spiritual gifts at all, which is probably the impression that more Pentecostal people get of me. I think that God does heal people sometimes for the sake of His own glory and the good of those who love Him. Can God heal someone because someone prayed for them? Of course He can. He doesn’t need the prayer, but He often works through certain means.

    As to whether spiritual healing is confirmable, it should be. The problem is that people often “get healed” and once they tell everybody, it’s hard to later admit that you had merely thought you’d been healed but actually weren’t. A healing has occurred when you have been struggling with an ailment and then that ailment completely goes away and stays away. The problem is that people tend to jump the gun on this and while they’re having an emotional experience they assume they’ve been healed when they may actually not have been.

    My wife-to-be Angela said that her ankle was healed after someone prayed for it, and I believe her. This was years ago. But people have prayed for her wrist and God hasn’t healed it (yet).

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