Shocking Youth Message

This is Christianity, Post-VHS’s 100th post! Yay, party! This one is a lot longer than most of the posts that are published here, but it’s worth watching. This one just happens to be a great sermon by Paul Washer at a youth conference that led to him not being invited back.

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  1. Oh God…this is so good. I see I still have some work to do, and will continue to strive for holiness. Thanks man! 🙂

  2. I only skimmed through the transcript of this, but from what I read this guy makes Jonathan Edwards look like Mr. Rogers. While it’s true that salvation means more than just praying a simple prayer, Washer makes God sound like a dictator who demands us to always be perfect and always say the right things because if we don’t we’re automatically going to be sent to Hell. I mean, we are called to live holy lives, but holiness does not come from our own strength. Holiness comes when we let Christ transform us from the inside out.

    I also think it’s a bit arrogant for Washer to declare that half the youth are going to Hell. How would he know? Can he look inside their hearts? Does he have the Book of Life? What sort of litmus test is he using?

    • Many are called, but few are chosen … For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few. Matthew 22:14, 7:14

      Honestly, I’d say these verses provide a pretty decent basis for Washer to make a statement about the ultimate destinations of the majority of the people in a crowd.

  3. Travis, 2 things:

    1. Reading a transcript is necessarily a lot different from actually watching & hearing the sermon. You can’t get tone of voice from a transcript. If you haven’t watched Washer’s message, you haven’t heard him preach. Things said in a pastoral tone may look a lot harsher on paper than they sound.

    2. I’m just curious… do you find Jonathan Edwards offensive? Because I would say that Washer is on about the same level as Edwards.

    • Well, I never was a big Edwards fan. When it comes to preaching the Gospel, I use the “attract more flies with honey than vinegar” approach. As I mentioned before, I think a lot of Christians have spent so much time preaching about Hell that they hardly mention the Kingdom of God (which, I might add, means more than just going to Heaven when you die–it’s when Heaven comes to Earth).

      I should point out, however, that I do NOT believe in universal salvation. I think Scriptures are clear on that subject. I also don’t believe that salvation means praying some magical words. Whenever some one asked Jesus or Peter or Paul how to obtain salvation, they never replied with, “Repeat after me.”

      • The thing is, Jesus himself used quite a lot of “vinegar,” and not so much “honey.” His teachings were hard, and they infuriated and alienated many in his audience! Yes, if you only focus on wrath and Hell, then you are only getting part of the story, but if you don’t understand what depravity, the wages of sin, and the wrath of God are, how can being ‘saved’ have any meaning for you? If you don’t understand and assent to the idea that you truly deserve eternal torment, then becoming a Christian is just a matter of securing hope for the future and maybe a better life on earth, which can be gotten from any other creed. I’m inclined to agree with Washer that many or most churches lead people to a Christianity that Christ wouldn’t recognize. In fact, I increasingly see my own religious upbringing that way.

  4. One of the hardest things for us to get used to is that salvation is by faith alone, while at the same time believing that there will be a judgment according to works. These are both true, and they’re both 100% true. No either or. We are saved by the blood of Christ, or not at all. And we will be held to account for every idle word, every deed, every thought. There will be a reckoning; there will be justice. Not every one in hell will be treated the same. Some will be beaten with many stripes, some with few.
    These realities do not need to “merged” anymore than the 100% sovereignty of God and the 100% responsibility of man need to be reconciled. They are both true. Don’t try to save yourself. God cares how you live every minute of your life.

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