Want to become a Wiccan?

Charismatic “Christian” John Crowder can hook you up! Raptures! Ecstatic prayer! Access the glory realm for yourself! You’ll move in a deeper level of prophecy. Get into the gridwork of the spirit realm! And learn about a bunch of nuts who claimed to do a lot of kooky stuff. This is paganism. There is nothing Christian about this.


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  1. Hmm… must prayer only be quiet and orderly to be a legitimate spiritual experience? Should you only feel a little bit rapturous when you commune with God? Where is the line between real communing with God, self-delusion, and demonic influence? I ask in all seriousness, thought not without bias. I consider these questions very important, and I have been asking them of myself more and more.

  2. This is Trevor, btw, if you remember me from my WWU days. I’ve been really appreciating your blog entries, and I respect the seriousness with which you treat your faith and Scripture. I’ve been going through a time of seriously reevaluating what I believe and why lately, which is why I’ve been paying attention. I don’t want you to think I’m being impertinent or aggressive just for the heck of it; the challenges I pose to you and other posters are the same ones I’m trying to figure out myself.

  3. Although I’m fascinated by contemplative prayer (see Thomas Merton), something about this seems too New Age-y to me. Maybe it’s the creepy music in the background. Or maybe it’s his creepy facial hair. Or maybe it’s all the talk about saints floating off the ground. No thanks, I like to worship with both feet on the ground.

    I should point out, however, that sometimes during prayer and meditating on the Word, I feel this presence of peace and bliss. My feet are still on the ground, though.

    BTW, it turns out John Crowder is not at all related to Dave Crowder.

  4. I don’t think that his appearance should be a major factor in whether we take him seriously or not, but the fact that this is the guy who advocates “tokin’ the ghost” should be taken into account.

    I don’t know exactly where the line is between pagan mysticism and Christian awe, but I think you’ve got a problem if you’re more interested in “working in the supernatural” than you’re concerned about knowing and loving Jesus and worshiping Him as Savior and Lord.

  5. I agree that there’s nothing (specifically) Christian about this video, but is there anything specifically anti-Christian? If you don’t know exactly where the line is, do you have a ballpark estimate? Since you seem to suggest this man has crossed the line, you must know what the difference is. How do you know he cares more about “working in the supernatural” than about knowing and loving Jesus?”

  6. Well, just listen to the words he’s using.

    “Intense activation”
    “hands on impartation”
    “poring the depths of the spirit realm”
    “the seer realm” <– this one is especially sketch; seer is synonymous with oracle, soothsayer, or auger

    "seeing the garden of eden" <– what?? what garden of eden? Genesis says that humans are cut off from the garden.

    "a lifestyle of encounter" <– enc

    trances <– what is Christian about trances?
    raptures <– what is a rapture? really? he's going to get us activated in those?
    ecstatic prayer <– I suppose normal prayer just isn't exciting enough

    physical phenomena of mysticism <– sounds like a demonic experience. or maybe he's just making stuff up now.

    personally get activated in creative miracles <– is he saying that we can be like God and start creating stuff?

    access and manifest the glory realm for yourself <– what in the heck does this even mean? does it mean we can leave our bodies for a time and go to heaven? that's just goofy.

    open heaven <– I guess that's exactly what he meant.

    "revelatory realm"

    This guy seems obsessed with entering a certain realm and not interested in Jesus at all. And I only went through the first 1:35 of the video. He doesn't seem to care about Jesus or God's glory at all; instead it is all about the human experience.

  7. Sounds really mystic to me! Sounds like he wants you to be “activated” in transcendental meditation, out of body experiences, and all that other mystical stuff. Seems like a logical extension of all the charismatic stuff.

    Make our magick kingdom a part of your vacation while you send your kids off to Disney World…

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