Welcome to Disneyland!

John MacArthur explains how Rick Warren’s “Purpose Driven Life” is an invitation to fantasyland.

Try this book instead.

(Thanks to Seth for sending me this video.)


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  1. While I agree that Warren sometimes makes the Gospel sound like another self-help book, I think Christians sometimes focus so much on hellfire and damnation that they only briefly mention God’s grace and the Kingdom of God.

  2. Calling someone to repent wouldn’t necessitate a focus on hellfire and damnation. Warren didn’t even need to mention hellfire and damnation in order to convey the importance of repentance. I think the more dangerous situation is to completely ignore that without Christ, hellfire and damnation is all we’re going to get.

  3. He does have a good point, no disrespect to Warren. Every Christian should ask “am I perfect?” Do I have no sinful habits? And we should ask “when is the last time I truly repented and sought forgiveness?” A key problem I have is that there are not enough times that I am reminded to either repent or to seek forgiveness. I continue to sin.

    Parable: A judge planted a lawn and put up a sign “keep off the grass” and “no trespassing.” A college student that the judge liked took a shortcut to/from school and walked on the grass. The judge said “I will forgive you this time, but don’t do it again. Walk around.” OK said the boy. But he knew the judge liked him and was forgiving, so he continued to do it almost every weekday and burned a trail in the lawn.

    Quesion: When the judge catches the boy next time, will he forgive the boy or will he convict him of trespassing and fine him, because he did not actually repent but kept violating the law every day, causing damage to the judge’s property?

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