Todd Bentley hits an old woman

Please remind me to stay far, far away from this guy.


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  1. Dear oh dear.

    Wonder if the Lord told him to cheat on his wife too?

  2. Oh, yeah, I remember Pastor Todd! I love it when preachers do insane crap and then say, “God told me to do it.”

  3. That “GOD” channel icon in the upper right reminds me of my time in the Czech republic. All day long, the only preaches were Health and Wealth idiots. And these were the only Christians visible in the whole country.

  4. @ Travis
    How do you know that God didn’t tell them to do it?

  5. TLO–

    It’s a little thing called “testing the spirits.” If you think God is telling you something, make sure it’s not something that the Bible forbids. I’m sure there’s a verse in there somewhere about not hitting old ladies.

  6. Just playing devil’s advocate here, but Travis:

    What about Abraham, when God told him to sacrifice his son, Isaac?

  7. God provided a ram in the thicket to validate Abraham’s actions. Bentley has been proven to be a sham, so why would we believe this story–much less his claim that God called him to heal with a WWE power kick.

  8. Michael,

    There are, however, certain issues sometimes. For example, God commands that people not murder. But he also often commanded that Israel annihilate entire cities. God commanded that Abraham sacrifice his son — and he was going to, except that God DID provide the sacrifice. What if God hadn’t intervened, and Abraham had killed his son? Would he not still be vindicated for following God’s Word, just as the Israelites who massacred entire people groups were vindicated by God’s Command?

  9. I can’t seem to recall the verse against healings via kicking, but if you can find it, please let me know ^^
    However, it is clear that, if you trust Bentley’s story, the lady was indeed healed. Now, if she was healed, does that not tend to support the idea that God did command as Bentley said? You can’t dismiss the command simply because it is counterintuitive. Doesn’t God give counterintuitive, unconventional commands throughout the Bible (including, but certainly not limited to the ones Benjamin mentioned)?
    Michael brings up an important point in saying that Bentley is not trustworthy in the first place. I don’t know whether that’s true or not, because I know almost nothing about Todd Bentley, but if it is true, that is, by contrast, a valid point from which to doubt the command to kick. But it is not the same as just saying that an unexpected method cannot be from God, or saying that God doesn’t speak to people.

  10. The same Spirit that inspired every verse of Scripture, is the one who spoke to the Apostles in the first century and to Abraham. He contradicted no word previously spoken by himself when he spoke to THE patriarch. (Notice how He never played that card again!) Those laws in Leviticus against incest have to be there, because Seth married his sister and Abraham married his half-sister. Striking your neighbor is forbidden. Nobody disputed with Jesus that he had done miracles, only what they meant. These healers of today are all disputed, not in their meaning, but in their facts. The Spirit is not the author of confusion.

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