Consuming Kids

This post is unique in that this video is not explicitly Christian nor does it explicitly deal with Christianity in any form.  However, I think that for parents — especially Christian parents — it is a very, very important video to watch.  This is the society that our kids are being raised in.  This is what our kids are dying in.  This is total depravity, and when it’s packaged as it is in this video, it’s not too hard to see that.  However, when we see it as we go about our daily lives, it’s not as obvious.  It’s easy to ignore.  We’ve grown accustomed to wading through feces as we go about our daily American lives.

Remember when we defined the “G” rating as “Disney”?  Well, just look at the freeze frame representing the video and tell me that you want your kids to see a young girl with her breasts nearly bared for the world to see.  Yep, that’s the Disney channel today.  Rest assured that I will not permit my children to entertain themselves with that excrement, and I think it’s safe for me to say that neither should you.  If you want entertainment, at least read.  At least work your brain a little.  (I’m not suggesting you should be a legalist and watch no television, but you should be careful — especially with what your kids watch!)

WARNING: Some “explicit” content (including improperly dressed girls on the Disney channel):

The video is an advertisement for the book Consuming Kids: The Hostile Takeover of Childhood.

(via Tim Challies)

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  1. OK, I’ll do it. I’ll quote them. “ABC — a NEW kind of family.” Sorry, ABC and Disney Channel, that’s NOT the kind of change we were looking for. You are each now worse than all the other public airway networks ever were… combined!

    Note: I tried to do something about this sort of thing a while back, but I gave up when I didn’t get much support from family & friends. Maybe I should have pushed harder. What will it take?

  2. I think that it takes replacing it with something… maybe Jesus would help. 🙂

    That’s our problem, though — we (myself included) love to entertain ourselves. That keeps our minds off of the things that really matter.

  3. Wow, that was really sad. What makes it worse is how unaware we are of it half the time.

    Our culture is so steeped in consumerism. The philosophy is, “I shop, therefore I am.” But as this video shows (along with many other examples I can give), it’s damaging us.

    Piper once said that America is the most dangerous place to raise your children, and it’s because of our culture’s rampant materialism.

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