Bullwhip Guy

Let’s call this part 2 of the critique of Rob Bell’s Bullhorn Guy video.  You’ve got to admit — this guy has a great point.

Thanks to Dave for posting this one in yesterday’s comments.


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  1. I’ve only seen a tiny clip of the original Rob Bell “Bullhorn Guy” video, but I think Bell has a point on one hand. That standing-on-the-soapbox-and-screaming-“Turn or burn!” kind of evangelism, to me, is based more on scaring the Hell out of people (pun intended) than showing people the love of Jesus Christ. I’m not suggesting we water down the Gospel and stop talking about sin and judgment. Our sinful condition is the sole reason why the world is so messed up, so we can’t afford to avoid talking about sin and repentance. However, I think our preaching will be a lot more affective if it’s accompanied by showing God’s love to people.

    And to me that’s what evangelism is all about.

    Hopefully that makes sense.

  2. Good thoughts, Travis.

    Just a couple back atcha:

    I think it would be more to scare the Hell into people — and the argument that Todd Friel presented in yesterday’s videos was that it is more loving to warn people about the fact that they’re under the wrath of God — that IS showing them the love of Jesus Christ. I think he presented a reasonable medium (talking about hell with people in a sensible way rather than yelling at people), but not watering down the message of Hell and wrath and Jesus’ saving love!

    I think you mean effective, rather than affective. The soapbox screaming would be affective. Being reasonable and having a conversation with someone would be effective. 🙂

    Regardless, it is about God’s love. It’s just hard sometimes to figure out what exactly it means to love people with God’s love.

  3. Oops! Forgive my poor grammar. Did I mentioned I studied English in college? 🙂

    But seriously, I agree that Todd Friel did present a reasonable medium. And you’re right, we’re all trying to figure out how to love people with God’s love. Lord knows I’ve failed many times! I think when it comes to witnessing we should consider how Jesus preached.

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