“You know what this Calvinism is?  A bunch of people sitting on their fat rear end, not wanting to go do anything for God, that’s all Calvinism is–that’s all it’s ever been!”

Warning: Content may be offensive.

I love how it ends.  ‘The word “sovereign” is never found in the Bible.  Not even once.’

So I suppose Jesus is an ‘unsovereign’ Lord?

(via James White)


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  1. I certainly hope that this guy will start to read his bible. I can only guess that he just glosses over the passages on election in the word. I wonder what gap he is standing in, because he is certainly not bringing unity and love to the flock.

  2. I saw this a couple of days ago looking for crazy Steve Anderson videos. Thankfully he never disappoints me!

  3. Thanks for sharing this, Ben. I…I don’t know what to say. I totally agree with you.

    People (specifically Arminians) accuse us of being angry Calvinists. Well you know what? In my opinion, anyone who gets grossly misrepresented and attacked like this has a right to be upset. They attack us in this way, and then turn around and call us “angry” and “uptight” when we object? Absolutely ridiculous.

    ****I preface these further comments by saying that I have several lovely, open-minded Christian Arminian friends, and I love them dearly. I’m not personally attacking Arminians; rather, I’m pointing out a couple of their errors and logical fallacies.****

    LOGIC FALLACY ALERT. So what if Scripture doesn’t mention that particular word, “sovereignty”? That doesn’t matter, because His supreme sovereignty is shown throughout; all Scripture implies His sovereignty as truth. If that man is so presumptuously scoffing at God’s sovereignty with his deductions, then why doesn’t he apply his logic to the whole Bible? For example, not ONCE in the Bible do you find the term “free will”, either. I wonder what his answer to that would be. Huh, even potatoes aren’t mentioned in the Bible. Are they wrong or sinful to eat?

    Another thing: regarding the Arminian’s use of the word “all”…absurd. Imagine that I have a few chickens pecking on the grass in my yard. If I were to say to my friend “please put all the chickens in the coop”, I don’t mean all the chickens in the WORLD. I’m OBVIOUSLY talking about all of a certain subset of chickens, namely all the chickens in MY YARD. Basically, when it comes to the Biblical view of salvation (also called Calvinism), the same reasoning applies. This following phrase is a concise way to state the meaning of the word “all”: “Christ saves all without distinction, not all without exception”. That means Christ saves ALL KINDS of people (African, Lebanese, Swedish, French, rich, poor, kings, slaves, men, women, children, old, young, etc), not everyone in the whole world.

    Also, context is obviously important. Take 2 Peter 3:9. The Arminians are very hasty to point out the “all” in that verse. But wait. Who is Peter writing to? “The Lord is not slack concerning His promise,… but is longsuffering toward US, not willing that any should perish…” Peter is writing to the ELECT about the day of the Lord. Hence “us”, denoting those who have been and will be saved. Elementary, really.

    Sorry, I didn’t mean this to turn into a semi-rant. But those are just a couple of basic errors in reasoning that really bug me, and things I truly wish my Arminian brothers understood.

  4. I did a quick lookup on biblegateway.com… 297 mentions of “sovereign”… 2 mentions of sovereignty, though neither of those are talking about God… meh still kinda funny… which side do you land on, or do you pick a side?

  5. Dude, seriously. Are you kidding me? The KJV is the only inspired version of the Bible, dude. All of the rest of the versions have errors.

    Do I pick a side? You mean my post wasn’t sarcastic enough? 😉

    I’m a “7-point” Calvinist, in the style of Piper.

    Romans 9, Ephesians 1-2, Ezekiel 36-37, John 6:22-71, & a million more.

  6. I think the thing that bugs me most about this guy is that he kept saying that “HE” brought people to Christ. He acts as if God had nothing to do with it.

    Nothing is done that is good without God somehow involved in the process. And God is always with us.

    “Nobody comes to the father except through me”
    “I will be with you always until the end of days”

  7. The word Trinity is not in the Bible either…

  8. “You know what this Calvinism is? A bunch of people sitting on their fat rear end, not wanting to go do anything for God, that’s all Calvinism is–that’s all it’s ever been!”

    Is he wrong about this part though?

    Maybe not for all Calvinists, but if you’re a Calvinist and you’re reading this: is he wrong about you?

  9. Good point Jason.

    And we also have to ask, if you’re a non-Calvinist, why are you sitting on your butt? God needs you. Get out there and save people!

  10. Ouch!

    Really, this is painful.

    The fellow has absolutely, positively no idea what he is talking about. All of the valid points he makes are the points that Calvinists are already using to speak the truth.

    “God’s got it all planned out!” Exactly. Are you Calvinist or something?

  11. @Ben–“why are you sitting on your butt? God needs you. Get out there and save people!”

    Be careful, don’t forget you’re a Calvinist. Only God can save people. If you believe God has already saved the people that he will save, does that make you a Calvinist? If so, then I’m sorry for you. You aren’t saved until God either judges you or fails to pass judgement on you. Until then, you can trust in Him for your salvation, or not.

    I think what this guy is saying is if Calvinistic beliefs and laziness prevent you from being a lump of clay in God’s hands into a vessel suitable for his purposes and plans, then you have been deceived by the devil.

    • … or ANY beliefs… It’s unfortunate he chose to exclusively cite Calvinism… Personally I don’t think doctrinal battles such as this are the kinds of battles God would have us fighting. No matter what our intentions or intended message, Satan uses anger and hatred and PRIDE to twist the message into something that will cause division in the Church. Division in the Church is a danger sign that Satan is at work — when you see it, stop and run the other way, back to the message of The Gospel, which teaches forgiveness and reconciliaton.

  12. @Phil – Very much amen. I felt a little bad after my comment because even though I wasn’t being accusatory, I was still singling out Calvinists. I’m no Calvinist and I still sit on my butt a lot of the time when I should be out doing God’s work. I’ve seen an unfortunate trend, that those who aren’t as careful at studying the Word are the ones who are out doing the most work for God, and vice versa. Guess we’re all imperfect in our own ways.

  13. Dad – I was joking. Kind of. For an Arminian, it IS ultimately up to them to convince someone to save themselves. So for them, God DOES need them, and he DOES need their decision. If you think that salvation is ultimately up to God then you are a Calvinist.

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