The KJV is the only inerrant translation of the Bible.

Okay. You may think this is ridiculous, and indeed it is, but some people still actually believe that the KJV is God’s translation, infallible and inerrant, and every other translation is fallible and errant. Der.

Click here if you want to pick up a great Bible.

Completely unrelated, I think that Dr. White looks a lot better now than he did back in the early 90s or whenever this was.


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  1. I never understood it when KJV-only advocates use the old line, “If it’s good enough for Peter, it’s good enough for me.” It doesn’t make any sense, since the KJV was published like, what, a hundred years after Peter’s death?

  2. A hundred years? I’m pretty sure it’s closer to 1700 years after Peter’s death.

  3. I stand corrected–the KJV was published 1700 years after Peter’s death.

  4. I know, makes it even MORE ridiculous, eh? Sucks for the people who didn’t have the REAL Bible before King James commissioned his translation.

  5. This is a good video. I just finished “King James Only Controversy, The: Can You Trust Modern Translations?” by James R. White a wrote a small review on my site. This is a major issue in the fellowship of believers that I’m a part of. We also have a huge issue of vast ignorance in our church members, of which, I contribute to them having a 400 yr old translation (KJV) that is very hard to understand.

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