Psychedelic Hypnosis, courtesy of Rob Bell.

I mean, maybe he has a decent message, it’s just that I can’t really focus on what he’s saying with everything else going on in this video.

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  1. I love Rob Bell, but even I have to admit there was too much stuff going on. Felt like I was watching a U2 video (birthday wishes to Bono, btw).

  2. Based on the present trend, it’ll be very relevant in a few years when our culture demands that the medium completely overwhelm the message.

  3. Sadly I think you’re right. I think the Church should be culturally relevant, but not when the relevancy overshadows the message.

  4. I haven’t actually seen the man before, and I gotta say, as a Seattle Man, he looks so “metro”. Driscoll has a multi-million dollar wardrobe budget, but he at least looks butch. This guys looks flamin’. Having said that, it was a decent pop-glam-extravaganza. About half-way through, I decided to view it as a spoken word music video, and then it was much better. But even there, ol’ Bill Shatner does Spoken Word better. Oh well.

  5. Robert, I don’t think it’s so much his clothes, but the way he walks, or moves his hips/legs around.

    As for understanding what he’s saying, even without watching the weird bubbles of light I couldn’t quite grasp what he’s saying… When I went back and listened to one moment at a time I could start to piece together his message, but I don’t think the structure is the best for following his point throughout the whole video.

  6. Yeah, you’re right. He does have some funky moves.

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