7 Year Old Preacher

There are a lot of things that bothered me in this video… but I’m interested in hearing other peoples’ thoughts. Please do share.


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  1. The so-called expert doesn’t even understand the Bible himself. ‘Judge not’ is not a ruling against preaching the truth about heaven and hell.

    But I agree that this is abusive. What a world of regrets these boys may grow up into.

  2. Really fascinating. What bothered me was that the entire video they were trying to find the problem with the situation. It was ridiculously biased and painted a really awful picture of the child (excuse me, Harrison Ford, why are you suddenly a Bible scholar and why are you discouraging the importance of a child’s belief?). While I am definitely not a fan of sign-wearing, damnation-focused sidewalk preaching, maybe God really IS using this boy. It would be really interesting to meet this kid and see where he goes with his life in ten or twenty years.

  3. I’m not sure what to make of this. Throughout scripture God speaks to man through a lot of unexpected ways (including a donkey at one point!), so I think it’s possible that God can use a seven-year-old boy for His work. On the other hand, as the Episcopalian points out, seven-year-olds don’t have enough theological understanding to be real full-time preachers.

    And this may sound superficial, but I think the boy would be easier to take seriously if he didn’t have the stereotypical “Jaysus” Southern Baptist accent.

  4. I have no beef with the accent. I suppose I come from a different perspective than most of your commenters, Ben, seeing as I am convinced of the Scriptural position of paedocommunion. However, preaching is not merely an ability. This is our argument with the Anglicans; they say why exclude women from eldership, if they have the gifting? The answer is that the Bible define the office in 1 Tim 3 and Titus 1. A preacher must have an internal and external calling. No one is calling this boy to lead their congregation, as an elder.

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