Calling Someone “Intolerant” is Just Silly!

Greg Koukl has some great things to say! This is the best 3-minute video I’ve watched in a long time.

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  1. Note the tone and demeanor of Greg. Caring, kind and non-confrontational. People will not be interested in WHY you believe what you do if you are not like this. Nobody wants to listen to someone whose body language says “I am right and you are wrong.” But they will be open to listening if you seem to care about what THEY believe and where THEY are coming from! So always start out with THEM.

  2. This video shows an important key to discussions with Post-Modern people. Tim Keller talks about people using the old Buddhist schtick about three blind guys, groping along, coming to an elephant. One guys gets the tail and says, “Elephants are skinny things with tufts of hair.” Another guy gets a leg and says, “No, elephants short, squatty things that don’t move.” The last guy gets the trunk and says, “You’re both wrong, it’s a flexible leaf-blower!” The modern person adds, “See! They’re all right and all wrong. Can’t you just accept religious pluralism?”
    Just like in this video, they are being more arrogant than the Christian they assault. Only a SEEING person can behold the whole seen of elephant and three dudes. “Tolerance”-aholics are claiming more omnipotence for their side than they are accusing Christians of having!

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