This is TRUE Prophecy.

Someone took this excerpt from a sermon by Paul Washer and put it to pictures and music. This man definitely has the spiritual gift of prophecy. He is preaching the Word of God.

By the way, it’s not actually a History Channel commercial. Someone made this video for a class project, but I think they did a great job. 🙂

Προφήτης = ‘one who speaks forth’ (Thayer’s Lexicon)

i.e. to speak before [a congregation]

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  1. While Paul has much good to say, and certainly there are many who claim to be Christian and are not, (Many will say on that day “Lord, Lord, did we not…”) and that repentance does follow conversion, I think he is on one important point crucially mistaken.
    “everyone who call on the name of the Lord will be saved” Romans 10:13
    “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Mathew 7:7
    If someone asks Jesus Christ to come into their heart with sincerity, he WILL do it.

    • I think that Paul is pointing out that it’s a goofy analogy. Where in the Bible does it say that Jesus “comes into peoples’ hearts?” Certainly, everyone who trusts on the Lord in true faith will be saved. But not everyone who says “Lord, Lord!” will be saved. (Matthew 7:21 – a few verses after the one that you posted). The important thing is that you need to truly repent, and when you truly do hate your sin, then you can have assurance of salvation. Praying a prayer isn’t what gets you squared away with God. Being born again unto true repentance and true belief in Jesus Christ is the only way to be saved.

      • it’s true repentance is the basis of christian life.

  2. I have always had problems with this thing in time past too. I have not seen it in the bible that one should confess Jesus Christ in a particular way and automatically you’re saved. Rm 10 did not say that. It will only happen when you are moved by the fact that you are sorry deeply and have no option than to call for help. Marely crying will pull you out. They have made us feel like you just say some form of statement in a particular way will make one saved. Paul was talking to people who are already sorry and don’t know what tp do. It is not a theory that you apply like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, no. Those preachers have led us wrongly and have to appologize to us. No wonder we are so weak unlike those of the 19th centuries and before. REVIVAL COME.

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