EPIC FAIL: The Church of Hate and Folly (Westboro Baptist)

Westboro… Calvinists? No. The concept of grace is completely alien to them. I wonder if they ever bother to pray for the lost.

I noticed that the person who posted these videos has a not-so-hidden agenda against Calvinists and refuses to accept that the Bible teaches the sovereignty of God in all things. Her skewed view of Calvinism coupled with the anti-grace, anti-Calvinistic practice perpetrated by Westboro “Baptist” Church does not make Calvinism invalid. I think even most hyper-Calvinists would be upset with what Westboro is doing.

That said, BBC did a great job on this documentary:

Hold on a second, though! I can’t just leave it at that. What I must give to the Westboro freaks is that they are actually doing something, which is more than can be said about most Christians today. While their “Gospel” is a distortion of the true Gospel, radically focused on God’s wrath and completely ignoring God’s grace, at least they are doing something. Kinda like Mormons. They get it all wrong, but at least they’re motivated. We who have the true Gospel (that God has revealed through His Word that He will save those who trust in Jesus to the praise of His glorious grace) MUST preach the true Gospel, or all they’ll hear is that all God wants is for you to feel good through mystical experiences, that God wants you to be rich & healthy, that God hates you, that God wants to give you a purpose, or something else that is not true. Preach it. They need to hear it. And we need to find our motivation to preach the Gospel in fearing and respecting God more than we fear men.

Finally, if anyone can find the 8th and final part of this documentary, I’d appreciate a link to it. It seems that BBC demanded it removed from youtube.

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  1. This would have made me inarticulate with rage at one time. Now it brings tears to my eyes. It is genuinely sad to see people so utterly deceived about who God is and what He desires of them.

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